Monday, January 11, 2016

Cast Iron and wrought Iron fences

At the HQ of Maersk

A beautiful #mansion in the innermost of #Copenhagen, close to the residency of the royal family in Denmark and close to the river. The building is from 1898. The cast iron or wrought iron fence is amazing. The architecture and style of the mansion plays well with the fence. 

A fence next to the building mentioned above. From around 1890. Located at the HQ of Maersk

Railings at an apartment building 

An older cast iron railing. From 1875. Toldbodgaden, close to Nyhavn in Copenhagen


The fencing around the House of Danner (Dannerhuset) The most ornamented architectural style of the pictures. From 1873 to 1875.  

The fence 

The spikes keep uninvited guests away. That might be relevant as the house houses an organisation that helps women, who need protection from they family and/or former husband or boyfriend.  

University of Copenhagen Geological Museum

The University of Copenhagen Geological Museum is a geology museum located on Øster Voldgade, at the northeast corner of the University of Copenhagen Botanical Garden, in CopenhagenDenmark. Like the botanical garden, the museum is part of the wider array of centers belonging to the Natural History Museum of Denmark. The museum houses exhibits but also facilitates research and study as part of the University of Copenhagen, with some of the museum staff actively partaking in research worldwide—for instance, in Greenland.
The wrought/forged iron fence from the Museum, from 1893

Tuborg Breweries 

Cast Iron Railings from 1912 at Tuborg Breweries. Located in Tuborg Havn, Hellerup, Copenhagen.


Ørstedsparken; parkland between Nørrevoldgade and Nørre Farimagsgade in the City of Copenhagen. The park, which is owned by the City of Copenhagen, was planed by the landscape gardener H. A. Flindt in the years 1876-1879 and was opened for the first time to the public on October 27, 1879. Ørstedsparken has 7 entrances and has an area of 6.5 hectares, with a lake in the middle of the park that covers 1.8 hectares. The park has been protected since 1963 and has largely retained its appearance unchanged since it's planning.
A cast iron fence from 1879.

Green Park, London

The only cast iron railings that not from Copenhagen. This picture was taken next to Green Park in London. From around 1900.

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