Friday, January 29, 2016

Cast and Wrought Iron Architecture books

A book on Iron Architecture form the cradle of modern iron architecture, Britain

Iron Ornaments and iron architecture in Victorian Britain

The first book I would like to mention is Iron Ornaments and iron architecture in Victorian Britain by Paul Dobraszczyk. Paul Dobraszczyk is a researcher and writer based in Manchester, UK. 

Paul Dobraszczyk also has a beautiful collection of Victorian cast iron pictures

This book contains a sustained study of the development of mechanized ornamentation with forged iron in the 19th-century architecture from the industrial revolution. The book includes 16 color and 153 black and white pictures of iron ornaments and architecture.

Wrought Iron in Architecture

Geral K. Geerlings has written "Wrought Iron in Architecture. Wrought iron is forged iron - just like cast iron. This book describes examples of use of wrought iron with numerous examples from the fourteenth century through the twentieth centuries. 

Wrought Iron in Architecture
The author illuminates the history of wrought iron with carefully researched surveys of the craft in several countries, including Italy, Spain, England, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, and America.Nearly 400 illustrations, including 73 clear drawings and 307 sharply focused photographs of gates, railings, screens, lighting fixtures, bannisters, balconies, door knockers, and other objects, chronicle the evolution of wrought iron as both a structural and decorative material. Special attention is devoted to early-twentieth-century developments and applications of this highly useful metal.

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